The Trust works closely with people who live in the Basin to develop and deliver programs and initiatives that respond to their needs and support communities. By focusing on local priorities and issues, bringing people together around key issues, providing information, encouraging collaboration and supporting planning, the Trust is delivering benefits to the residents of the Columbia Basin.

Using the income earned from the Investment Program, the Trust's Delivery of Benefits activities support programs and initiatives that focus on fostering quality of life and addressing critical issues in the Basin.

The Trust's programs and initiatives aim to:

  • improve environmental conditions in the Basin
  • identify social and economic priority issues and implement mechanisms to address them
  • improve Basin residents understanding and involvement in water issues
  • ensure youth in the Basin are actively engaged in addressing social, economic, and environmental issues

The Trust partners with existing groups across the Basin that work with us, and on our behalf, to deliver a range of programs that will benefit Basin residents. By partnering with and supporting local organizations, we all achieve greater results.

Columbia Basin Trust