Working With Communities

CBT exists to strengthen the well-being of the Columbia Basin, and works with the communities of the region to accomplish this. Not all communities are the same, so CBT plays a variety of roles in the region. Whether at a town meeting, or an arts council, or a social planning network, or over coffee in the kitchen, CBT is interested in meeting and working with the many communities that make up the Columbia Basin.

Four CBT community liaisons work out of each of the Golden, Cranbrook, Nakusp and Castlegar offices. These Community Liaisons are responsible for developing relationships in their home base community and the surrounding area. They help communities access funds, and serve as resources when communities are working through issues and taking action. For the contact information of the Community Liaison in your area, click here.

CBT also shares knowledge and expertise with local communities. Communities need good information to make good decisions so CBT provides access to accurate and timely information on best practices, regional trends, and the changing environment in which Columbia Basin residents work and live. To find out more about how CBT shares knowledge, click here.

Sometimes communities in the region are linked by common issues and concerns, like water management or youth engagement. CBT links communities together so that the people of the region can collaborate, and as team, build a regional response to an issue and a stronger region for everyone. For examples of initiatives, click here.

Columbia Basin Trust