Working Toward Environmental Well-being

At the Trust, we envision an environment where varied, connected landscapes and waterways are resilient,
bio-diverse and able to support the human and ecological needs that depend upon them. Our commitment to environmental well-being is rooted in the aspirations of Basin residents:

  • Aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems are diverse, healthy and functioning.
  • Watersheds and water sources continue to provide abundant, high-quality water throughout the Basin to serve a variety of human and ecological needs.
  • Basin residents have an increased understanding of how they are connected to the natural environment and depend upon it for their health and livelihood, which results in more environmentally aware decisions and actions.
  • Residents, communities and organizations have the knowledge, skills and capacity to work effectively and collaboratively to achieve healthy and resilient communities in response to environmental pressures such as a changing climate.

We support organizations, projects and initiatives that help preserve the natural assets of our region and strengthen our collective ability to address current and future environmental priorities for the benefit of all Basin residents.

Goal 1: Water

Contribute to safeguarding and enhancing the quality and availability of water in the Basin for a variety of human and ecological needs.


Columbia Basin Trust