Funding Possibilities Expand for Basin Businesses
Friday, October 09, 2015

Columbia Basin Trust announces new $2-million Impact Investment Fund

Businesses in the Columbia Basin that need financial support but aren't able to secure conventional financing may now be able to find help through Columbia Basin Trust's new Impact Investment Fund. The $2-million fund is administered by Community Futures.

The fund is intended to support business opportunities that are high risk and may not offer adequate financial returns to an investor, but will benefit Basin residents and communities in some other way. For example, it may create jobs, address a community need, help the environment or support arts and culture.
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Columbia Basin Trust supports the ideas and efforts of the people in the Columbia Basin.

We often work behind the scenes and take our lead from residents and communities. The Trust is here to offer resources, experience and support to all Basin residents.

While our range of services, programs, initiatives and financial investments is complex, our purpose is straightforward and easy to understand: we exist and act for the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Columbia Basin—now and for generations to come.

Columbia Basin Trust